Medical Religion, Religious Medicine

The teacher should look at the students medically, and the doctor should look at his patients pedagogically. In our complex world, it is worthwhile to follow Rudolf Steiner’s call for interdisciplinary cooperation.

This is about more than just cooperation. The cooperation begins in one’s own soul. Thus, a mathematics teacher should know that humor is indispensable in his subject because otherwise, the factual superiority of numbers burdens the vitality of the child’s organism. Another bridge concerns the coexistence of priests and doctors and of pastors and therapists. From June 10 to 12, 2022, the working group in the Medical Section held a conference on this topic. ‹Sacrificial flame and Mercury’s staff› was the theme. These insignia of religion and medicine are the secrets of the respective profession. Therefore, they shape the esoteric life of the two professions and lead to their inside. Their professional cooperation gets substance and strength through pastoral medical meditation, according to those responsible for the conference. In both fields – medicine and religion – human destiny is at stake. That is why there were two lectures on karma and freedom. The event devoted a lot of time to the broad view of pastoral medical work. It was interesting to see in which countries the poles of medicine and religion reach out to each other and in which this is less so the case. The working groups also dealt with crises and perspectives in human biography and contemporary issues. The subtitle of the conference is the question of closer cooperation. This could also be interesting outside the invited professions of priests and doctors. How do the fields come together: educators and priestesses, bankers and farmers, artists and cosmologists.

Event Pastoral medical conference for doctors, priests, and priestesses from June 10 to 12, 2022. Translation: Monika Werner

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