Purpose and Being in the Youth Initiative Program

Sweden. The 17th Youth Initiative Program (YIP) in Ytterjärna, Sweden, is open for applications. This ten-month holistic educational program is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 28 and will focus on unfolding the individual and personal commitment to society. Below is an interview with one of the organizers, Naomi Richards.

What significance does the question of purpose have in the YIP?

Purpose is the center of our work at the YIP. Our goal is to be an educational platform that supports young people in uncovering their own individual purpose or authentic task in the world. Ultimately, we see our task as educators not to teach in the traditional sense but rather to create an environment where the questions and wishes that participants already carry within them can be explored and shaped through inspiring contributions, communal living, and creative conversation.

How much of the program is shaped by the participants themselves?

Over the course of the program, their role shifts from participant to organizer. At the beginning of the year, we hold and shape most of the structural framework and invite the participants to share their stories and experiences working with current global challenges or to illustrate creative practices and methods. At the end of the program, participants fully design the curriculum themselves. They can also bring in additional content, offer workshops for each other, or work on their personal projects or questions.

After completing the YIP, what paths do the participants choose going forward?

The diversity of paths the YIP alumni take reflects our educational mission: We don’t seek to train or “guide” people towards any particular job or task in the world. Our alumni work in a wide variety of fields. What they often have in common is that they are involved in organizations or initiatives that strive for positive social or environmental transformation, either at a local or global level.

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Translation Joshua Kelberman
Photo Miriam Vincent

Correction (13.03.2024): The translation of the german word “Sinn” [purpose] was corrected.

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