Hohenfels Schloss

A Cultural Impulse on the Bodensee

Lake Constance, the Bodensee, is shared by Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Waldorf schools, Camphill communities and trainings, therapeutic clinics, and anthroposophical initiatives abound in the area. A recent addition to this creative region can be found near Überlingen in southern Germany at the Hohenfels Schloss, a new anthroposophic cultural center.

Michael Birnthaler, initiator of Hohenfels, and Reinhold Fäth, artist/archivist, at the outdoor evening meal, a part of the weekend’s festive celebration at Hohenfels Schloss

This 700-year-old medieval farming complex and “castle” offers a conference center and community gathering place for events. As a former boarding school, it also serves as a bed and breakfast with several guest rooms, each named for a significant historic individual, including Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Rudolf Steiner, Ita Wegman, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, and more.

At a recent celebration honoring its founder, Dr. Michael Birnthaler, there were presentations on themes important to the development of society and the health of humanity and the planet, in addition to musical performances and an exhibition of anthroposophical artists. Over thirty presenters offered inspiring 20-minute talks such as “Humor and Spiritual Science,” “Illness as Unconscious Meeting with the Guardian of the Threshold,” “Art and Anthroposophy,” “Threefoldness in Waldorf Schools,” and “The Future of Anthroposophy.” Speakers included Dr. Michaela Glöckler, John Ermel, Prof. Dr. Reinhold Fäth, Monika Elbert, Georg Meier, Prof. Dr. Ekhart Hahn, Eva Kleber, and many others.

Oldrich Hozman, a Czech architect, spoke on “The Importance of Double-domed Buildings for the Future,” which was of particular interest because of plans to build an ancillary double-domed building at Hohenfels. Hozman described the particular spatial and acoustic qualities that such double-cupola constructions allow to manifest.

More Hohenfels Schloss
Video recordings of the presentations (mostly in German)

Image Schloss Hohenfels in spring, Photo: Schloss Hohenfels

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