Healing as Transformation

“Begetting the spiritual human in the earthly human—paths to Christian medicine.” This was the guiding concept of the conference celebrating the centennial of the Young Doctors’ course held in January 2024.

It is the last mantric sentence of a meditation given by Rudolf Steiner in his Pastoral Medicine Course. Here, it is presented in meditative form, describing how the healing impulse of Christ is to be understood. It is a new paradigm that Rudolf Steiner introduces. Healing is described here as a transformation, as a process of change. It should serve the goal of becoming a spiritual person. The idea of healing as repair, as physical restoration, is an illusion. Modern conventional medicine has made wonderful strides, particularly in its technological endeavors, but one quickly reaches the limit and learns that healing is much more than that. This is where we generally talk about the bio-psycho-social model, which can be expanded to include spirituality. You can see the effort to understand the human being as a multidimensional being. This can be expanded through spirituality.

From Corrado Bertotto in conversation with Marc Schlaeppi on Goetheanum.tv: “Spirituality or the Bio-Psycho-Social Model.”

Translation Charles Cross
Image Screenshot (Goetheanum.tv)

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