Does Anthroposophy Have a Feminist Side?

A Short Obituary for Women’s Day

Judging from my experiences in Anthroposophical cultural settings, I would tend to deny that there are feminist perspectives within Anthroposophy. As with the rest of society, the usual patterns are reflected in this ‹scene›. In the form of concentrated power in men – yes, also mostly older, and actually always light-skinned. Not only in this way though, but also in the form of the images surrounding the ‹second sex› – mostly an archetypal mother image, to which the pioneering women of the Anthroposophical movement hardly corresponded. I have been often put back in my ‹natural place› – by women in particular. These were interesting moments, in which I began to see and understand more clearly the template-like images we play and pass on to each other. It is wonderful that through Anthroposophy, a pedagogy has emerged that values and brings to the fore the environment in which children grow up in; an environment that wants to give time and develop harmony. However, to place the responsibility for this solely with mothers reflects in the microcosm what is lacking in the macrocosm. People who create space for something outside themselves, who can perceive what is needed and want to give it: People who want to have time, who are there and don’t just live with their own agenda in mind; in other words, who bring the so-called feminine principle into the world. If these were not just feminine qualities, but human qualities that we valued in all people and in all positions, instead of always rewarding lack of empathy and extreme dominance with influence, then a healing social process could begin. Feminism illuminates power relations and highlights a grievance that harms everyone. Feminism strives to create harmony and leave individuals free. This balance is required for a community and individuals to be spiritually creative. In particular, the ‹heirs› of Anthroposophy should understand this well.

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Photo Joel Muniz

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