Biodynamic Foundations Farmer Training

USA-based Biodynamic Training 2024 is open for applications.

In May 2024, the next Biodynamic Foundations Farmer Training, a basic training in biodynamic agriculture and biodynamic gardening organized by the US Biodynamic Demeter Alliance, will begin. The training program combines practical elements with theoretical knowledge. Participants are accompanied by an experienced mentor and will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned directly—either in their own garden or on their mentor’s farm. The training is divided into two modules; the first part deals with the biodynamic care of plants and soil, the second part with the keeping of animals according to biodynamic principles as well as astronomy and nutrition. The course is open to all interested parties. Applications submitted by January 22, 2024 will be prioritized.

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Translation Charles Cross
Photo Xue Li

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