Biodynamic Conversations

The first series of Biodynamic Conversations, a new webinar of the US-based Biodynamic Demeter Alliance, took place earlier this month with guests Mac Mead, Sherry Wildfeuer, and Walter Goldstein, Ph.D.

Working with biodynamics is a journey of transformation and discovery for both the earth and the practitioners. The Biodynamic Conversations online series will explore the unfolding of individual and communal paths in biodynamic agriculture. In the first series of the webinars, held in October, three guests from the older generation were invited to share their personal perspectives from decades of professional as well as personal experience with biodynamics. They talked about what has changed in biodynamic agriculture since the 1970s and what it will take to continue this form of farming in the future. They also talked about pivotal moments in their journey with biodynamics, important lessons, people and relationships, challenges, and specific projects and educational initiatives that they had been involved in. Participation in the webinars is free of charge.

Speakers (from left to right): Mac Mead, Sherry Wildfeuer, Walter Goldstein.

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Translation Laura Liska
Photo Xue Li

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