Strengthening Education for Organic Agriculture

The Biodynamic Education Network is committed to more consistent organic farming education in agriculture.

In Germany, 30% of available agricultural land was to be organically farmed by 2023. However, at the start of the 2023/24 training year, only 10% of agricultural apprentices are on organic farms, and organic agriculture accounts for only about 10% of the curriculum at vocational schools. The Biodynamic Education Network is therefore calling on politicians and vocational schools to make organic agriculture the guiding principle of all vocational training. Only through training significantly more organic farmers could a transition to organic agriculture be realistic.

To support this goal, the network launched a campaign: “100 new organic farmers every year!” It uses flyers and social media to promote sponsorships for biodynamic training. This is still the only consistent organic training in agriculture and has thus far been financed largely by contributions from the training centers as well as donations and foundation funds. Funding partnerships help reach more young people to train them in organic agriculture, says Jakob Ganten, executive director of the network. If they were to fill their current capacity, they could release 100 organic farmers into working life every year. For the sake of biodiversity, climate protection, and healthy soils, organic farming must continue to grow, Ganten said. Consistent organic vocational training in agriculture is crucial to this end, he added.

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Translation Laura Liska
Photo Anett Meltzer / Netzwerk Biodynamische Bildung GmbH

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