Angels Sing

At this time of the year it is really cold here. The stars are so clear, so bright, that they really sparkle and make the mountains appear even more majestic. I’m always hearing holy sounds, angels singing the Gloria. The angels behind the stars speak to us farmers.

When I look at the stars on these dark nights, I feel how big the world is and how small I am. In that sky is something I am looking for. That sky has something for me.

The brilliance of the stars becomes a harmony sung by angels and resounds powerfully in my heart. In the still, cold, frosty air, in the dark darkness, the light shines powerfully, and the sounds resound of joy.

The earth sounds joyfully from our healing Biodynamic work and she will spread the sounds to the world and the universe.

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Image Japanese night sky in December, Photo: Ben Campbell

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