Am I Aware of Myself?

International Conference for First-Person-Research.

First-person research is an early warning system for problems that first appear in one’s own experience. For example, psychological illnesses, as well as physical illnesses, tend to develop in incremental stages. The first symptoms are often subtle and can best be discovered by ourselves. Alternatively, if someone else tells us that we look exhausted, an advanced stage has usually already occurred. However, such systematic self-observation needs to be learned, especially when we can’t or don’t want to look at ourselves for some reason. First-person research is also a radar for one’s own potential. From May 11th to 13th, an international scientific conference on first-person research will be held at Witten/Herdecke University in cooperation with Alanus University, the Mannheim Campus, and Rudolf Steiner University in Oslo; the focus will be methodological foundations. External guests are also welcome.

More First-Person Science of Consciousness

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Photo Xue Li

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