Where the Spirit Resides

The spirit doesn’t reside in the head, nor does it do so in the pineal gland, or in the neocortex. In the latter, only the consciously appearing, poor copy of the spirit is delivered in the form of conceptions, systems, models, diagrams, constructions, etc.

The real, effective spirit, lies in the limbs. It is not my reflection that is spiritual, but my taking action, and realising in practice what others need. It is about discovering the esotericism of the deed. The practical side of anthroposophy is fundamentally based on this new concept of the spirit as set out by Steiner. The productiveness of all anthroposophical professional fields is based on this. It is precisely in this that anthroposophy sees itself as a fully substantive spiritual movement.

From Wolfgang Schad, «Der Periphere Blick» [The Peripheral View], Stuttgart 2014, p. 85.

Translation Christian von Arnim
Title image Baker baking. Photo source: unsplash

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