What is Healing?

Laura Piffaretti is a music therapist in independent practice and in palliative care. She lectures in the Atka degree program Orpheus Music Therapy and in the Hèlios training in Bologna. Since 2020, she has been coordinating the International Coordination of Anthroposophic Arts Therapies (ICAAT).

Asis What motivates you in your work?

Piffaretti The focus of my work as a music therapist and teacher is the patients’ need for healing. In the widest sense, it is always about their individual encounters and questions on life and death, as well as life after death. What does it mean “to be healed“? What can I offer with music therapy? From which processes can the patients experience, create out of their own, or receptively be included to find healing? Through its manifold elements, music in itself is a whole. These elements can be used therapeutically as medicine—I call it “music medicine“. As the coordinator for ICAAT, I have another focus. It is essential that the methods of anthroposophic arts therapies from the different areas do not get lost, that it will be maintained in its diversity of specific remedies and methods, that it will be taught and passed on.

Title image Laura Piffaretti, Photo: Charlotte Fischer

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