What Does Peace Require?

Answers to the questions by Gilda Bartel in ‹Das Goetheanum› 29/30, 20th of July 2022:

Peace is quiet. S. Thein

Peace can be a need, but it doesn’t have to be. It depends on the quality of peace. Sometimes a popsicle is enough, sometimes nothing less than God’s grace. Margrith Käser

To me, peace is a vivacious atmosphere to be able to grow and decide without fear of the future. Fariba Ayazi

In peace: the light of beauty. Bruce Donehower

Peace is the deep sense of being within my soul for everyone and everything. Yvonne M. C. Lang

I alone am far too small to cover everything humanly possible. Peace can result in my ability to enjoy other human beings that are radically different from me and to support them in precisely that. Christoph Lange

Painting Miriam Wahl (Dshamilja, ten-part series, 2018, originally published in G29-30/22) – Translation by Simone Ioannou

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