What Do I Mean by Sensory and Supersensory?

In this context, Rudolf Steiner’s indication is helpful: duality dominates in the physical-sensory realm—it does not exist in the spiritual realm where the lowest principle is that of threefoldness. The idea of threefoldness thus proves to be fundamental, as it overcomes the dualism of sensory and supersensory. And although it can only be grasped ideologically and supersensibly, it is at the same time based on the duality, the polarity, that is tangible in the sensory. The term “sensory-supersensory” [sinnlich-übersinnlich] is absolutely correct and certainly one of Steiner’s most important achievements.

From Andreas Suchantke, Lesen im Buch der Natur: Wege zum Erfahren des Ätherischen [Reading in the book of nature: Ways to experience the etheric], Dornach 2012.

Translation Laura Liska
Image Sofia Lismont

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