What Do I Mean by ‹Elemental Beings›?

Elemental beings live on the threshold between the sensory and spiritual worlds. They belong to both dimensions, the sensual and the spiritual, because the sensual world appears through their activity.

Entire earthly existence is based on their quiet, uninterrupted, and faithful work. As a large, diverse group of spiritual beings, they carry the entirety of the earth; they carry the space perceptible to us through time. As a group of beings, they are preservers of the earth, time, and space. One can assume that there is no appearance of the sensual world which would not be animated by spirits of the elemental world. This applies to minerals, plants, and animals and to humans themselves. Even the seemingly dead, such as stones, are inhabited by elemental beings.

From Karsten Massei, Botschaften der Elementarwesen [Messages of Elemental Beings]. Basel 2013, p. 17.

Translation Monika Werner
Image Sofia Lismont

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