What Do I Mean By Death?

In their sleep, human beings enter a world from which they supply their life body with the forces that strive to renew the physical body again and again. If these forces are no longer sufficient, the physical body dies. – In death, human beings enter a world from which they get the power to rebuild a physical body from scratch. Partial renewal is replaced by a total renewal.

Just as human beings fall asleep so that partial renewal can take place, so human beings die so that a complete one becomes possible. And just as partial renewal is revealed in awakening, so the total renewal becomes apparent through the birth of human beings. Even more comprehensive than sleep, the spiritual world is therefore in death, the source of earthly human becoming. From their abundance, we find in the individual human life only one of the many possibilities of being human realized. But by carrying the experiences an individual human being makes in his earthly life through the gate of death and working together with the processes and beings of the spiritual world, the individual person gains a meaningful starting point for a new earthly life. Another – usually opposite – possibility of being human, as his previous earthly life offered it, thus becomes a reality for him.

From Christof Lindenau, The Development Of The I Through Repeated Earthly Lives. In: The Practicing Human. Stuttgart 1981.

Image Sofia Lismont – Translation: Monika Werner

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