Welcoming Eduardo Rincón as Agriculture Section Leader

At the start of a new term in 2017, the leaders of the Agriculture Section at that time, Jean-Michel Florin and Ueli Hurter, offered to continue their work for another seven years, while Thomas Lüthi, co-leader since 2010, stepped into retirement.

The search for two new leaders of the section began at the end of 2022. The Goetheanum Leadership appointed a search committee of five people: Regina Haller and Alysoun Boulger, members of the Circle of Representatives and biodynamic movement; and Matthias Rang, Constanza Kaliks, and Jean-Michel Florin from the Goetheanum Leadership. The process has proven to be difficult because there are many criteria for selecting a Section leader. On the one hand, the nominee must be closely connected to anthroposophy, since they are expected to lead the Goetheanum in a collaborative way with the other Section leaders. On the other hand, they should also have a good knowledge of biodynamic agriculture and the international scene.

After a long process, we are now delighted to have found a solution: beginning in the fall of 2024, Eduardo Rincón from Mexico will take over Jean-Michel Florin’s position as Section Leader. Ueli Hurter, who continues to work at the Goetheanum as a member of the Anthroposophical Society’s Executive Board, has agreed to continue to lead the Section together with Eduardo Rincón for a further three years. The plan is to find a new person to collaborate with Eduardo Rincón in 2027. This solution was confirmed by the Circle of Representatives at the end of October 2023 and is also supported by the Goetheanum Leadership. We are, therefore, delighted that Ueli Hurter and Eduardo Rincón will take over the management of the Section beginning September 2024.

Eduardo Rincón is a teacher, researcher, and artist. He graduated as a tropical plant biologist, working in plant ecology research for the UNAM University in Mexico, and later obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree based on his work with Goethean phenomenology in nature applied to science and art. In 1993, Eduardo founded La Huerta de Vinci, a biodynamic garden devoted to teaching sustainable practices, producing medicinal plants and medicines, and practicing biodynamic principles. In recent years, he has fused his personal research in plant biology and biodynamics with art projects using contemporary installation, painting, and sculpture. He currently lives and works in San Miguel de Allende, where he is founding a biodynamic learning center and productive ranch.

Translation Joshua Kelberman

Image Eduardo Rincón

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