The Winemakers Have The Floor!

Three suns warm the vineyards of the Swiss community of Lavaux on Lake Geneva: the sun of the stars, the sun of the reflection of the lake, and the sun of the stone.

In the documentary ‹Les trois soleils de Lavaux›, directors Adrien Pisler and Johann Pelichet invite us to follow the annual cycle of these vineyards during the 2018/19 season. Most of them practice Organic or Biodynamic viticulture. «Wine is what the vine speaks: it speaks of the world of hospitality, where every insect and every plant has the right to exist, where everyone is exuberant with joy.» Gilles Wannaz, winemaker at Domaine Wannaz, is convinced of this. The film takes us between vineyards, where grapes take shape, and into cellars, where wine will emerge, all with a touching intimacy. Alongside the images, which are conducive to the sensuality of the whole process, the winemakers speak in an authentic and sincere voice about the subject that is particularly close to their hearts: their terroir – land.

YouTube ‹Les trois soleils de Lavaux› (2021, French)

Image Gilles Wannaz, Domaine Wannaz, La tour de Chenaux (Screenshot from the film)

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