The Temperature of an Encounter

Our tour group had booked an auditorium in the hotel in Luxor, Egypt. We were there on time, but an employee stood in front of the locked door and indicated that the auditorium was still occupied.

After a little waiting, I kindly said that our schedule did not allow for a long delay. The uniformed person did not seem to hear it. Only when I raised my voice after some time did he start to react. There seem to be two social temperature curves here. In Europe, Central Europe, you are friendly and rely on the fact that the other person is willing to perceive and take into account the interests of another. If it dawns in the conversation that this is not the case, one becomes more pronounced and energetic. In oriental cultures, it seems to be the other way around, at least this guideline has proven itself: when I want something, I go into a conversation with a brisk step and clear language, for example when I want to go to the booked room. And in conversation, I then become more obliging and empathetic. Often, I have experienced that in the end, you walk away amicably. What is happening? Part of the overture of the encounter seems to be that you immediately bring your own strength into play and then take it back during the encounter. Yes, we can learn from each other, most of all from other cultures.

Image: Khalid Ibn El Walid Street, Luxor, Egypt. Photo: Marc Ryckaert, 2018.

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