The Soul—Reality in Motion

The soul is an occurrence. Through it, the I meets the world.

A being provides valuable information when we enter into conversation with it. This is true for every being, for an animal, a plant, a landscape, and another human being. A being only reveals itself when it meets a counterpart who knows its language. Otherwise, it remains mute. That is also true of the being of the soul. Sensitive conversation, meditative listening, is a prerequisite for it to be able to reveal itself.

The Golden One

Anyone who follows what the soul communicates to us in a state of heightened attentiveness will be directed again and again to the wisdom-filled ground of its being. Images of the special order that is realized in it appear before the inner eye. This order is of high quality. The existence of the soul is based on this golden, wisdom-suffused ground. It is the soul within the soul. From there, the soul is formed, constituted, and supported. This is its shining secret. Forces rise from this ground that essentially determine our existence. They are deeply inscribed in us. They can be traced into every cell, into all bodily fluids, and even into the blood. The effects of these forces propagate as far as into our waking consciousness. Our being also always wanders through this golden ground of the soul. Forces upon which the human being depends are released from it.

The Fertile One

We constantly receive all kinds of gifts from the being of the soul. They sustain our existence on earth. We owe our minor and major births to it. The soul is the source of our intuitions, our creativity, and the motives for our actions. It bestows on us our perceptions, our memories, our inner imagery, the words we speak, and our will. Thanks to the soul, we imagine the world, feel, and develop agency. But the soul is also the source of all self-awareness and all deep, mystical experiences.

The soul endows us with the ability to understand the language of the gods. It enables us to perceive those spiritual beings who have taken responsibility with us for the development of the earth. In the soul, there are countless spiritual chambers, which the human being, thanks to their empathetic consciousness, visits in order to have contact with the spiritual beings on this side and the other. The soul is the location of the land on the other side that the human being can travel in order to attain knowledge about the nature of the world.

The Dark One

Alongside this, shadow worlds also make their home in the soul. Think of the negative thoughts you have already thought, the antipathetic feelings and the dark fantasies you have indulged in. This is quite a busy bunch. They are joined by arrogance, complacency, envy, baseness, glory-seeking, and all sorts of other things. Our temptations, illusions, obsessions, fixations, and dogmas belong here. These shadows are beings that inhabit the soul. They have lost the ability to transform themselves on their own. They are turned away from the light, but not without the desire to belong to the light again. They wear dark masks and shun the light, but they are not happy with that. They long for transformation. Approaching them with interest helps them. You can offer to get to know them and talk to them. You can ask them about their needs, wishes, and messages. This leads them to become open, to turn to the light again. Their transformation begins. It never happens as a result of ignorance, disgust, or violence. These soul beings that have strayed from the light expect from human beings that we, who have brought them forth and are responsible for their existence, will pursue their transformation.

The Master

The soul places us in earthly circumstances. Through it, we become earthly human beings. Otherwise, the earth would be uninhabitable and alien to us. Since we develop our individuality through being on earth, the soul is the mother of our individuality. It provides the necessary conditions for development. Therefore, there is every reason to value and honor it.

We owe the experience of inwardness and autonomy to the soul. It awakens the awareness of the uniqueness of being human. We strive for this uniqueness, but we are also characterized by the fact that we belong to many worlds. This is the case even as a being with waking consciousness living on earth. We are part of the different realms of nature and from a certain perspective also animal, plant, and mineral. When asleep, we have experiences in the supersensory worlds of beings, even if we retain hardly any memories of them, just as we do after death. Both our uniqueness and the multiplicity of worlds to which we belong are gifts of the soul. They are grounded in its soul being.

The Healer

It lies in the nature of the human being’s spiritual entity, their I, to guide the soul. This must not obscure the fact that the I is a receiving being. The I goes to the school of the soul. The I receives forces from the soul without which it cannot fulfill its tasks. It is worthwhile to explore these forces and their qualities. In essence, they are healing forces. Think of the gifts of reconciliation, devotion, empathy, and knowledge. These gifts reveal themselves to the empathetic gaze as sublime beings. They inhabit the soul. The I can by no means do without their light and action. It makes use of them repeatedly. Its development takes place in harmony with these high soul beings.

The Earth-Related One

In conversations with the soul, we also touch on the secrets of the inner earth. The soul is not just united with the cosmic worlds, it also connects the I with the worlds of the inner earth. These subterranean worlds and their beings have great significance for human beings. Supersensory perception shows that the soul of the human being is a wanderer through the worlds of the inner earth. From there, the human being receives strengthening forces coming from the future. They are gifts from Mother Earth. They permeate the human being thanks to the soul’s familiarity with the being of the spiritual earth. These high forces are witnesses to the feminine nature of the earth. Through them, healing powers of those deities who belong to the existence deep in the earth are revealed. Among others, these are the Buddhist Tara, the Greek Persephone, the Celtic Holle, and the goddess of wisdom Sophia. Human beings are children and offspring of these beings. They are destined to learn the secrets of the inner earth. Only through these beings will they enter into a true relationship with the living earth.

This portrayal is a beginning, which does not encompass the whole being of the soul but important aspects. It is intended as a methodological stimulus for a courageous encounter with the being of the soul.

Translation Christian von Arnim
Art Cornelia Friedrich, ‹Tiefe›, 120 cm × 110 cm, ink and acrylic on canvas, 2022.

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