The “I”, the “You”, and the World

Conference at Rudolf Steiner Haus in Stuttgart

From December 27-31, the Anthroposophical Society in Stuttgart is organizing a Christmas conference entitled “Ursprung Zukunft” [Origin of the Future]. The event will celebrate the centenary of the Christmas Conference held by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach 1923/24. The conference motto is “Awaken in the ‘I’, Know in the You, Actualize in the World.” This triad will be practiced and explored collaboratively during the conference, with the aim of strengthening the connection to the inner seed of light within the essence of every human being. The event is designed as a process. Participants will engage with questions concerning the “why” of their own existence and what each and every individual can do for the health of the world. There will also be a celebration to mark the new year. This Christmas conference is open to interested people of all ages and will also offer childcare. [It will be held in German.]

Translation Joshua Kelberman
Image from the flyer

More 100 years of anthroposophy

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