The Astral Arc

Astral Arc is a new YouTube channel created with the intention to bring young people towards the work of Rudolf Steiner through conversations, artistic work and resources. 

This channel was created so that it could be a presence in the online space for those searching for connections to spiritual work and insight. During the struggle of the pandemic, people were seeking new ways to cope and reckon with what was taking place. As a result, individuals turned to various methods of accessing spiritual experiences. Some young people saw the need for anthroposophy to be a part of these online conversations and were interested in hearing the voices of others working with Steiner’s teachings as a wisdom-filled pathway of higher knowledge and practice.

Astral Arc has been created by Ariel Turner, a current student at the Goetheanum, and Jen Zimberg, a singer-songwriter from Hudson, New York. This is a collaboration project with Lisa Romero, who has been working in the field of inner development and meditation in the light of anthroposophy for over 30 years. With her contributions to this growing channel, Lisa’s work focuses on the mystery centre of the heart. This includes a monthly virtue practice as well as conversations with young people about questions of inner development and seeking one’s relationship to life itself. The work of the virtues is accompanied by a series of musical pieces developed by artists working with inner development practices and exercises. Astral Arc aims to help shed light upon artistic work that is connected to the striving of inner development and the mystery centre of the heart. The channel also hosts conversations with young people engaging in questions of task, inner practice and some of the challenges we face in this time.

Our hope is that by providing an online presence, Astral Arc can support meaningful pathways for individuals to engage in these important themes. The channel is also a place for conversation and connection for those who are seeking and those who find themselves already connected to this work.

We hope you will join us and bring your voice to the conversation.

Ariel Turner is 27 from New South Wales Australia. She has a passion for working with people, having spent four years in Camphill Copake. She has just completed the Goetheanum Anthroposophy program in June this year. Where she did a focused research into “The Effects of Screen Time on the Soul Life”.

Image Ariel Turner (left) and Lisa Romero (right). Foto: Screenshot from the presentation video

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