Travel through Europe with the Junge Waldorf Philharmonie!

The Junge Waldorf Philharmonie is an orchestra by young people for young people. At the end of August, for the 19th time, one hundred young musicians will come together for two weeks to work on pieces by great composers under the direction of conductor Patrick Strub.

The Junge Waldorf Philharmonie is a registered association and an important youth symphony orchestra in Germany. It originated in 2004 as a grade twelve project.

This year the Junge Waldorf Philharmonie will take its audience on a journey through Europe. Beginning with the “Finlandia” Overture by Sibelius, the journey continues north to the enchanting Cello Concerto by Elgar, with soloist Luca Bosch, former orchestra member. The brilliant 4th Symphony by Tchaikovsky forms the grand finale.

The musicians will be taken care of by the organizing team of the Junge Waldorf Philharmonie. The team consists of about 15 young people who plan and manage the project from A-to-Z on a voluntary basis. Because of the heart and soul that goes into this project, it is a special experience of community and humanity. The fact that the Junge Waldorf Philharmonie is organized by young people makes it unique given its size and remarkable in that it is not sponsored by any large government institution.

The tour itself is also a European journey. It takes the orchestra from the Überlingen Waldorf School to the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, and to the Liederhalle in Stuttgart for the final concert. The entrance is free for the concert on September 5th in Überlingen. Tickets for the concerts on September 7th in Vienna and on September 9th in Stuttgart can be booked on their website.

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