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The Alchemical Spark of the Preparations

The biodynamic preparations pave the way for the further development of people and the earth. Andrea D’Angelo (Brazil) and Paz Bernaschina (Chile) provide two perspectives, in an excerpt from their talk at the Agriculture Conference.

Andrea D’Angelo From the perspective of spiritual science, the elements are sensitive and perceptive. The earth is a sentient being. The preparations approach life as a human proposal to unite the elements with the natural kingdoms on the basis of a new creative force. They are an ally of life; they connect life with the origin of all existence. Each preparation is a dialogue that humans build and develop together with nature on the basis of their spiritual being.

We unite ourselves with the forces of creation through biodynamics. This human endeavor relates to the creation of new landscapes. We fill the earth with soul. When we make biodynamic preparations, in an act of love for cultivating the land and out of an impulse of generosity and sincerity, the final substance of the preparation is supported by spiritual beings. In this way, we also fill the earth with spirit. The seed for a true culture of peace lies in the alchemical spark. What was originally separated into different elements is connected and prepared by human hands to become one with the earth and the cosmos. This process transforms matter, and it transforms us, too. It is the realization of a masterpiece of beauty.

Paz Bernaschina The networks are there, things are accessible, and it is possible to produce traditional preparations. People feel called to go their own way. A farmer in South America has been working with a certain species of valerian [one of the preparation plants] for a long time because he is attracted to this plant. In the process, he not only develops his own preparations but himself. It is an individual gesture of his own path, a new meaning that emerges in connection with the preparations: we are part of a larger, diverse, and complex whole. Preparations have become a tool that enables the biodynamic movement to connect with local, traditional cultures. A multicultural biodynamic community opens new paths and possibilities and a culture of freedom and love.

Translation Laura Liska
Title image Paz Bernaschina; Photo: Xue Li

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