Surfaces and Lines

When we meet each other, perhaps for the first time, we look for intersections. What do we have in common—what similar interests or tastes? What views do we share? We quickly find surface areas that overlap and form new shapes and colors together: sometimes larger, sometimes smaller; sometimes lighter, sometimes darker. In these designs of shape and color, the line becomes a support that the surfaces can lean into and orient themselves. It is the framework, the structure, that connects the different forms. Sometimes, it is merely a contour that arises when two colors touch. It is home and anchor for the flowing astral fabric.

In participatory processes, the goal is to form as many intersections as possible with all participants. And what would be the lines in such a social process? What is the line that you go into an encounter with? Something like an inner attitude, perhaps? An uprightness, sincerity, and straightforwardness? Maybe the line is our ego power, the determination to find a good solution for everyone and not get lost in the emotions.

Translation Laura Liska
Illustration Fabian Roschka

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