Recovering in the Hills of Israel

Tal Hama is a recovery center for patients recovering from cancer and other chronic diseases.

In the hills of the lower Galilee between Haifa and Nazareth, Tal Hama is located in Kibbutz Harduf. The community in the kibbutz organizes an exceptional, extensive offer of initiatives and projects in the biodynamic, educational, and therapeutic fields. The recovery center makes a unique contribution to women fighting cancer. For further care of these women, circles have been set up to support them in the recovery process even after their stay. Building on the first major successes of this concept, a new building was designed and already architecturally planned. The expansion of this project enables even more people to be accompanied in their recovery process. May there be more supporters of this project!

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Image Cooking together in the Hama Valley; Source: – Translation: Monika Werner

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