Real Imagining

Immerse yourself in art through Anthroposophical training and get to know the power of imagination.

Those who work artistically and train themselves Anthroposophically may be surprised by the Earth’s development described by Rudolf Steiner. How can real, spiritual content, as it is presented in ‹Die Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss› [Outline of Esoteric Science], become a ground for art? How can artists immerse themselves in the spiritual and yet create fruitful and creative? At the Free Columbia art school in the US state of New York, a course was held during the summer with the teacher and artist Zvi Szir, who has devoted himself to this question for over two decades. Now you can view the lessons in video format. The course is in English. The school is asking for an appropriate donation for the study material.

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Image Zvi Szir in class. Photo: Screenshot from the video from week 1, day 5. – Translation: Monika Werner

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