Jupiter and Venus

Just after the sun sets, the two brightest planets, Jupiter and Venus, can be seen shining in the western sky right now. Venus moves two lunar diameters closer to Jupiter every day, and on March 2, it will reach the giant.

Jupiter and Venus in the evening sky. Photo: Sofia Lismont

They then come together – the planet of knowledge and the planet of love – to form a picturesque constellation. It is – with good reason – the most sublime conjunction in the sky, for it is no different in the soul. There too, when cognition and love shake hands, it is the greatest of encounters. Therefore, they gladly stand opposite each other, because the head keeps its distance, while the heart seeks nearness. But when head and heart, far and near unite, it is like now, in the evening sky – together, the transducers are the brightest light – with the clarity of Jupiter and the beauty of Venus.

Translation Monika Werner

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