How We Are Connected

We, the living, are always present for the deceased. We should never forget that. Their world encompasses ours; our world is entirely a part of theirs.

For most of us, though, the latter is not a perceived reality. This is because, in everyday life, we do not normally experience that our earthly world is integrated with a heavenly one, that the physical world has a place within the spiritual world. For those dead who are passing through their lives again in the first period after death, there is a particular significance that we, while here on earth, are a part of their reality. They are busy becoming familiar with their new environment, and they now realize that this is not at all easy because they first have to come to terms with themselves and their experiences. Sometimes, neglected and unresolved issues can prevent a free exchange between people, and not only after death. We often just pass each other by. And we, living people, generally ignore signals from the world of the deceased. We are strongly focused on ourselves and simply don’t notice them. Real contact can only come about if we learn to develop the kind of inner activity that this book aims to encourage. Then, we are not dependent on spontaneous contact from the deceased to break through our isolation.

From Arie Boogert, Mit den Toten leben [Living with the dead] (Stuttgart 2009), p. 68.

Translation Joshua Kelberman
Graphic Sofia Lismont

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