Happy Cattle

Responsible handling of calves from the Demeter milk production.

Has anyone ever heard a cow scream when her calf is taken away from her? It sounds heartbreaking. And just because it is labeled Demeter doesn’t mean it won’t happen. In the project ‹Happy Cattle›, Swiss Demeter farms are joining forces to ensure that calves of dairy cows can stay with their mothers. At their place of birth, they are allowed to drink the milk from their mom, or from a nurse cow. And for so long until they are strong enough, that means at least three to five months. ‹Happy Cattle› is a contribution to reducing the consumption of antibiotics in meat production through a strengthened immune system of calves. Because breast milk is the best way to achieve that. Also, the common practice is broken, in which calves that are not raised, come as young as possible on a fattening farm, usually on a conventional farm.

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Image Source: Demeter

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