Fever Friend

A new app called Fever Friend helps educate parents on the positive elements of fever – and help them decide when a fever becomes dangerous.

Anthroposophical Doctors have known for a long time that fevers can be healthy and even necessary for the immune system development of children. Still, unreasonable fear of fevers and overprescription of antipyretics is the norm. FeverFriend was started to promote a more accepting attitude towards fever – in the process helping fever be a tool of healing and saving parents money. FeverFriend was developed through the leadership of Dr. Henrik Szőke, Ph.D, an Anthroposophical Pediatrician in Hungary, in tandem with the FeverApp project out of Witten-Herdecke, which is sponsored by the German Ministry of Education and Research. Their website has an extensive knowledge base covering different aspects of fever, built off a robust archive of references, and links to where you can download the mobile app on different platforms.

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