Exploring Hilma af Klint’s Spiritual Quest Through Art

A symposium with workshops, including a performance by the Eurythmeum Stuttgart – Else Klink Ensemble, at the Rudolf Steiner House, London, June 3-4, 2023.

What was the nature of Hilma af Klint’s esoteric practice and what role did it play in her artistic process? Is she attempting to make invisible experiences visible in her paintings? In general, what is the relationship between esotericism and modern art? A series of speakers will discuss Hilma af Klint’s relationship to the prevalent esoteric streams of her time and place her work in the wider context of modern art. Their most recent research will be shared in a lively format that encourages discussion and interchange and will culminate in a panel discussion on the theme of af Klint’s contemporary relevance and popularity. To honour Klint’s quest as artist, participants can choose to take part artistically in a painting or eurythmy workshop or focus on related themes in a small group discussion. Photographs of Hilma af Klint and the journey of her paintings will be exhibited in the foyer. A performance of Inscapes by the Stuttgart Eurythmeum – Else Klink Ensemble will complement and round off the day’s exploration.

See the program of presentations, workshops, and performance and register at Rudolf Steiner House

Image Detail from Hilma af Klints Notebook from 3.9.1919

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