Exploring Anthroposophy through Online Learning

The Goetheanum Studies department of the General Anthroposophical Section at the Goetheanum invites you to join a global online study community for “5 Weekends of Anthroposophy”.

In our age of digital connectivity, dynamic learning spaces can extend beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. The Goetheanum Studies is committed to making the study of Anthroposophy accessible worldwide.

The “5 Weekends of Anthroposophy” online course is designed to reach a broad audience of participants from around the world who are interested in exploring anthroposophical content. The program unfolds over five weekends and includes recorded video lectures, live text-based study sessions, discussion groups, and practical lessons in art and eurythmy.

Course Components

Virtual Tour of the Goetheanum: On the first day, there will be a special live virtual Guided Tour to welcome the participants.

Text-Based Study Sessions: At the heart of this course are live sessions where participants come together to explore chapters 1 and 7 of Rudolf Steiner’s seminal work, The Threshold of the Spiritual World (GA 17) guided by members of the Goetheanum faculty. Although English is the primary language of the course, these sessions can be divided into language subgroups—German, English, and Portuguese/Spanish—to create an inclusive learning environment.

Weekly Seminars & Sunday Colloquium: Recorded video seminars on different topics will be offered throughout the week, to set the stage for the Sunday Colloquium—a live session where students have the chance to discuss topics, seek clarification, and interact with the week’s lecturer.

Painting and Drawing: Recorded art lectures will cover a wide range of topics, from Rudolf Steiner’s art impulse to the planetary seals, the realms of color theory, Goethe’s research, and Steiner’s insights on painting. Four live sessions will provide a forum for interaction, questions, and showcasing the participants’ artworks.

Eurythmy: Discover inner balance through Eurythmy with video lectures spread out over four weeks. Participants can immerse in exercises at their convenience during the week, and join live sessions to practice, seek guidance, and share experiences with fellow participants.

General Information

The course takes place over five weekends between January 12 and February 11. The live sessions will be held via Zoom from 12:00 to 15:00 Central European Time, Friday to Sunday. These sessions will not be recorded.

Tuition fee range from CHF 150 to CHF 600. Participants can choose freely according to their possibilities and needs.

Registration is open at the Goetheanum Studium website.

Photo Nicole Asis

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