Basics of Anthroposophical Medicine

On September 24, a wide range of training courses for basic education in Anthroposophical Medicine will be launched. We initiate new courses aimed at many therapeutic professional groups: medical students, tutors, nurses, speech therapists, etc. Judit Kedves and Philipp Busche report on the new, flexible training project.

What inspires you to create this new training format?

We are inspired by the growing international demand for systematic training in Anthroposophical Medicine. As a project group, we are enthusiastic about interprofessional cooperation and consider joint, cross-occupational learning a sound basis for later therapeutic collaboration. We want to combine the digitization of medicine and further education with real encounters (a small group-based concept). Anthroposophical Medicine needs a relationship, with people, nature, and remedies.

What forms of work do you use or strive for?

The training is designed as a small group-based, systematic self-study. The goal is to promote regional, optionally online-based group formation among the participants, who are ideally interprofessionally active and meet regularly in the sense of a working group. Each small group (five to ten people) is accompanied by experienced tutors throughout the study period so that the learning content and tasks can be discussed regularly and individual questions can be addressed.

What do you want to contribute to Anthroposophical Medicine?

Foundation Studies is a one-year, online-based basic training in Anthroposophical Medicine. The basis of Foundation Studies is a clear and didactically versatile training concept in which the individual topics to be developed build on each other and are created so that an accompanied development path can arise for the participants in primarily self- or group study. Foundation Studies is intended to combine the needs for sound human history foundations, interdisciplinary cooperation, and the proper and tutorially accompanied inclusion of modern media. Through the project, we hope to reach people all over the world and make training in Anthroposophical Medicine possible even if external conditions do not make it possible to participate in face-to-face courses (e.g., young families, long distances).

On September 17, a free get-to-know-you meeting will take place at the Goetheanum for all interested.

More Foundation studies

Image Source: Foundation – Translation: Monika Werner

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