Anthroposophy to Go

Wolfgang Held, chief editor of the weekly, has started a weekly German-language podcast about anthroposophy. He speaks about anthroposophy in all areas of life in 15-minute segments.

Your podcast ‹Anthroposophy to go› has now started. How did the idea come about?

We are all on the go, so the podcast medium is understandably popular, whether in the car or on the train. Unlike in the video format, the voice unfolds more inwardness. In the last year, I have followed many spiritually oriented podcasts and am very touched by the depth and breadth of this digital life. Four forms of media come together for professionals in this field: podcasts, videos, books, and live performances. I am already active on a small scale with books or articles, lectures, and some videos. Now, this interesting medium podcast is being added.

What is your intention with the podcast?

I often come across the following ideas about anthroposophy: «It is difficult to understand, a long path, and a world of its own.» I would like to show the opposite: Anthroposophy is easy to grasp because it has long been at home in a modern soul, understood as a tool. It is not a closed world but is available to everyone, and dealing with it quickly leads to something. That’s why it’s «to go,» and that’s why the subtitle of the podcast is: «A spiritual tool kit for on the go.»

Which areas of anthroposophy are you discussing?

I started with «What is anthroposophy?» because I have noticed that this is a question asked by many who encounter anthroposophy for the first time and also by many who have been involved with it for a long time. I’ve been on the road with books, articles, lectures, and seminars on anthroposophy for 30 years now. A pool was formed there. But the real treasure is the encounters with other anthroposophists. I would like to cover all areas accessible to me in 15 minutes each – from the review to Inspiration, from life after death to projective geometry.

What experiences have you had?

In a lecture or seminar, I have a group of people in front of me. The ‹we› applies here. In the podcast, I am alone and speak into the microphone, and a listener is on the other end. The we becomes a you. It’s more intimate even though I’m alone. Realizing this intimate space is probably what it’s all about.

What do you hope for?

That the podcast inspires many, and a dialogue is created via mail and Instagram, which then helps determine the next issue. A long conversation is what I wish for.

Weekly podcast (Fridays) ‹Anthroposopie to go – a spiritual tool kit on the go› on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer, and other podcast providers.

Translation Monika Werner
Photo Wolfgang Held

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