A Celebration of Biodynamics in the USA

Healing People and the Planet: Looking Toward the Next 100 Years of Biodynamics

From November 8-12th, the first national conference of the recently formed Biodynamic Demeter Alliance will be held in Westminster, Colorado. The organization brings together the U.S. Biodynamic Association and Demeter USA. The event will bring together up to 1,000 farmers, gardeners, educators, students and activists to collectively celebrate the 100th anniversary of biodynamic agriculture, coming up in 2024. A series of excursions to biodynamic farms in the area, numerous workshops on agriculture and nutrition, and lectures by experts are planned. The event also offers the opportunity to connect, discuss and celebrate. The guiding question for the conference is to what extent will a return to regenerative agricultural practices help to deal constructively with climate change and its consequences for nature and people in the future?

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Translation Laura Liska
Photo Greta Farnedi/Unsplash

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