Permaculture and Biodynamics

Marjory House is a biodynamic farmer, fruit grower, educator, preparation maker and consultant. Her keynote talk titled “Taking Biodynamics into the Future: The Next 100 Years” will be given at this year’s US National Biodynamic Conference, November 8-12 in Colorado, USA.

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Marjory has been gardening and farming in Oregon’s Willamette Valley since 1995. She studied ethnobotany at the University of Idaho, received a certificate in herbology and nutrition from the Center for Herbal Studies, and a permaculture certificate from Cascadia Permaculture Institute. In 2018 she received a second certificate for permaculture pedagogy from Jude Hobbs.

Marjory currently owns and operates a seven-acre farm with over 450 apple trees and over one acre of vegetables grown for restaurants and farmers markets. She also has a fruit tree pruning business and a biodynamic consulting business. Marjory has been practicing biodynamics since 1999 and has been a member of the Oregon State Biodynamic Group since 2006. She is the current preparation keeper for the regional biodynamic group.

Source Biodynamicconference/2023

Translation Laura Liska
Image Marjory House, Photo: Tim Wilson

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