What Have I Observed at Teachers’ Conferences?

“If colleague Z says one thing, I can guarantee that colleague Y will say the opposite in response; and if colleague O says something, I stop listening altogether, because it’s always the same and always takes too long.”

Our habits are not only mirrored in the classroom but also in real life; even deeper habits sit in our thought processes—in our thinking habits, in our listening and responding habits. In person-to-person conversation, these habits are not as consciously perceived because one is mostly paying attention to content while speaking. At conferences, however, where one is also the perceiver of a conversation, these habits come to light, and the whole circus of human shortcomings can become embarrassingly visible. The heart cannot be deceived.

From Christof Wiechert: “Do you want to be a teacher?”: An encouragement to the (Waldorf) teaching profession. Dornach, 2011.

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Graphic Sofia Lismont

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