What Do I Mean by Life?

When, in 1924, student Rudolf Hauschka asked Rudolf Steiner his most important question, “Doctor, what is life?”, he did not get a defining answer but a task: “Study rhythms—rhythm carries life.” Steiner’s lecture series Geisteswissenschaftliche Menschenkunde (Spiritual-Scientific Anthropology/Knowledge of Man, GA 107), contains essential information on this subject, especially in the lectures of December 21, 1908 and January 12, 1909. This became the impetus for lifelong research on rhythms by medical doctor and occupational physiologist Gunther Hildebrandt (1924-1999) in Marburg. During 49 years of research, Hildebrandt and many collaborators were able to reveal the entire biological rhythm spectrum of the human organism, especially its chronobiological threefoldness.

From Wolfgang Schad, The Peripheral View—The Completion of Enlightenment. Stuttgart 2014.

Graphic Sofia Lismont

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