What Do I Mean by ‹Higher Thoughts›?

It is part of the character of thoughts relating to the supernatural that they can and should link the most powerful feelings with cognition.

In short, one can say: spiritual knowledge transforms the one who knows. However, this also applies the other way around: only by developing oneself can one gain specific insights. This is especially true for those who want to train the organs of spiritual knowledge. Rudolf Steiner describes two fundamental conditions for students of the mind as a prerequisite for higher levels of knowledge: on the one hand, respect and humility towards the higher […] on the other hand, the active transformation of knowledge into seeds of action.

From Robin Schmidt, Heinz Zimmermann, Anthroposophie Studieren [Studying Anthroposophy]. Dornach 1998, p. 36.

Translation Monika Werner

Image Sofia Lismont

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