What Do I Mean by Dogmatism?

Some of its critics dismiss anthroposophical pedagogy as unscientific, e.g., because it attributes pre-existence – reincarnation – to individuals (Prange 1985, p. 20 ff.) or because it allegedly drew these views «from the traditions of the religious wisdom of the East […]» (Ulrich 1986, p. 94).

However, it is not asked or even examined whether there are facts or laws that point to pre-existence (and reincarnation). From the outset, what these critics regard as science becomes their sole evaluation measure. But this is nothing more than a particular form of dogmatism.

From Ernst-Michael Kranich, Anthropologische Grundlagen der Waldorfpädagogik [Anthropological Foundations of Waldorf Education]. Stuttgart 1999, p. 41.

Translation Monika Werner
Image Sofia Lismont

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