What Do I Mean by Discerning Feeling?

The path for the heart to think and ‹see› winds through the sacrifice of everything familiar, all elements of the past – these may only live on transformed into free, improvisational abilities. And they must be sacrificed in and through living thought, which always has its source in true, intuitive feeling.

Most emotions that occur automatically, without thought, and without intentional attention are by no means conducive to life. In their automatism, the free sentient attention of human beings is trapped. The renunciation of these feelings is a sacrifice because all spontaneous feelings, even the painful ones, are accompanied by a pleasure of passivity. The emotions that appear in spiritual disguises, such as enthusiasm for sympathetic ideas, authority, for a party, or sectarian beings, are no exception. Sacrifice is only authentic if the emotions are examined by adequate ‹thinking›. This ‹thinking› is a bright feeling within the emotions.

From Georg Kühlewind: ‹The Renewal of the Holy Spirit› Stuttgart 2021

Photo: Sofia Lismont – Translation: Monika Werner

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