What Do I Mean by Anthroposophy Today?

Our time has become sensitive to how a person represents Anthroposophy. Someone who is seriously seeking prefers encounter over instruction.

They want to experience the other’s struggle and search, and the source from which the other draws, in such a way that one can finally conclude: an encounter with a human being is at the same time an encounter with Anthroposophy. There is no separation in this respect. In contrast, after a good 100 years, today we often experience the one-sidedness of a bourgeois non-commitment or backward-thinking ideology, both equally repulsive. […]

Once again it should be emphasised that a shift in thinking is the starting point of this modern esotericism. Thinking can direct its activity either towards sensory representations and their abstractions or to a spiritual world. Thus it is a modern intermediary organ between the two worlds, which conveys utmost alertness to human beings.

From Heinz Zimmermann, The Living Conditions of Anthroposophy Today. Dornach 2007.

Image Sofia Lismont

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