The Inside Of Truth

Who still owns the truth today? The world has become incredibly complex in the last 100 years. The longing for simple answers is greater than ever – but these are more difficult to get than ever.

Opinions are plentiful. They often come in black or white. There are endless, contradictory facts when you tap into different sources. But to form the truth independently, or even to trust that it lives in facts, is no longer easily possible. The invisible hand of the capital market also obscures facts or pushes them in directions that serve profit rather than truth. The globalized world overwhelms with its information, views, and interests.

Rudolf Steiner predicted that the incapacity to distinguish between truth and lies would be a signature of the future. Reality is fragmented into as many truths as there are people. The common sense of factual truth seems to exist only in the media that publish it. But what can we rely on? What is the security on which we base our business, beliefs, and actions? These facts do something to the consciousness of Westerners – they change it and push towards the inside of truth, which lives in each person in its very own way. It takes courage to dance on ice. It is an unknown territory that we have to enter and cultivate in the future. However, this novel territory is interesting and will reveal new truths about our being to us.

Image Sofia Lismont – Translation: Monika Werner

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