How Do I Want to Think Today?

Car, motorcycle, electric bike, and on foot – these are the different methods of transport available to me for my three-kilometre trip to the Goetheanum. Four ways of moving at four different speeds, four different relationships to the environment, four forms of experience, four ways of arriving, with four different ecological consequences.

Listening to the news and staying dry is only possible in a car, while being fast works well on a motorcycle. Being fast but with a better ecological conscience is only possible on an electric bike, while being able to think while moving is only possible on foot. Every choice has something, promises something, and costs something – what freedom! How would it be if I could also choose between degrees of technical support for a mental task such as writing these lines here. A choice becomes free when I am aware of my motives, and it becomes responsible when I can estimate its consequences. Just as we educate ourselves about the medical and ecological consequences of mechanical locomotion, it is also worthwhile weighing up the spiritual consequences of mechanical thinking. Furthermore, as with the question “How do I drive, walk?”, the motive shouldn’t remain in the dark with “How do I think?” We can also choose, freely and responsibly here.

Translation Eliza Rozeboom
Image is generated with OpenAI.

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