How Do I Read?

We do not read in order to collect information, but rather to learn and practice reading, in every sense. On any day, read only as much as you can work through, inwardly, in the time before the next reading. The slower you read, the greater will be the possibility that something happens to you during the reading, that something reveals itself.

Learn to notice, while reading, what you do not understand: this is the gate through which you can go farther—a sacred gate. These are texts written by other than human hands. […] Slow reading is recommended for spiritual scientific writings. Naturally, we can only read slowly if we read deeply and completely. Such writings are especially many layered: they can be understood on various levels. It is like plowing: it can touch the top layer of the soil alone or it can go very deep.

From Georg Kühlewind, From Normal to Healthy. Lindisfarne Books, 2023.

Translation Laura Liska
Photo Sofia Lismont

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