Healing the Climate Through Fashion

Arizona Muse is a climate activist who loves biodynamic agriculture because it offers solutions to the climate crisis.

Arizona Muse. Photo: Xue Li

As a child, Muse attended a Waldorf school that sourced food from a biodynamic farm in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As an adult and international catwalk model, she noticed that no one in the fashion industry ever talked about where the clothes they put on came from. For example, no one would ever have thought of thanking a farmer’s wife for producing the cotton found in a dress. As a result, she became interested in biodynamic agriculture and wanted to connect it with the fashion industry. To do this, she founded DIRT, which is a foundation for the regeneration of the earth. In the process she found self-empowerment, and self-empowerment is what she wants for everyone regardless of gender. She particularly wants more girls to grow up with equal rights and a sense of self-determination. Moving forward, she would like the fashion industry to recognize the potential of biodynamic agriculture and ultimately, to create textiles that are fair, non-toxic and that don’t destroy the soil.

Source Panel: “Women as Pioneers in Biodynamics”, 2/3/2023, Agricultural Section.

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Image Arizona Muse. Foto: Teodora Berglund

Translation Eliza Rozeboom

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