For Resilient Management in Agriculture

The Freie Landbauschule Bodensee is offering its next biodynamic master course at the beginning of 2024.

The course focuses on developing tools for the professional, economic, and social challenges of managing an agricultural or horticultural business. Using a biodynamic perspective, it prepares participants for the master’s examination. Participants are supported in taking professional and personal responsibility for soil, plants and animals, for employees, and also for themselves and for the economy. Teachers and participants bring knowledge impulses with them. Through exercises and artistic work, specialist topics are seen from new perspectives; knowledge is developed in an individual way through questions and tasks. Furthermore, the participants are trained in the ability to observe living processes, to describe them sensitively, and to evaluate them practically. The master course is held in German and follows a three-year, part-time curriculum.

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Translation Laura Liska
Image source Landbauschule Bodensee

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