‹Fire Pond› from Love Bravely

‹Fire Pond› is the first release from Love Bravely, a cross-genre music project exploring the transformative power of the arts in our time.

Painting: Laura Summer. Source: Album cover.

Through a personal story about a friendship challenged by current social issues, the song explores the potential for bridging polarized divides. ‹Fire Pond› focuses on questions of self-reflection and inner development as a foundation for meeting this challenge. How can we take interest in the humanity of the other, and what does it mean to open our hearts in order to do so?

Love Bravely was founded by rapper / singer-songwriter Matre in collaboration with a wide network of creatives, including painter Laura Summer, co-founder with Nathaniel Williams of Free Colombia and educator and previous Das Goetheanum contributing writer Seth Jordan. The initiative will be releasing a series of songs and writing pieces throughout 2023 and beyond. Click here to listen to ‹Fire Pond› and to read more about it.

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