Family Melodies

Every human being is like a color or a unique music melody. After a holiday in the vortex of Breton colors and sounds, we ended up back at the Goetheanum, the long-awaited family festival.

Laughter and crying, concerts, dance, and workshops for young and old filled the premises and the garden for four days at the beginning of August. Our Wochenschrift editorial room has been converted into a kindergarten. The average concentration of children in the trees increased considerably, and the music of the dances from all over the world echoed far beyond the Felsli, our dance floor, every evening. We especially enjoyed the fact that you could meet colleagues and friends from near and far and see beautiful people again under extraordinary circumstances. Looking back on the years associated with Covid restrictions, where colors of relationships faded, we learned to see them again. Summer has showered us with all the colors and reminded us how much relationships are the source of a wide range of emotions: uplifting joy, also fear, pride, and shame, finally, love.

Photos: Sofia Lismont – Translation: Monika Werner

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